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Wellness Trip

Wellness Trip

For corporate, Organizations, families, friends, ladies, Societies and schools, etc. Which includes

Trekking, run/race for kids/short hill kids trek & picnic, Yoga, Core Strength, and balancing workouts for all to improve fitness level.

Simple Farming project - Learn farming by actually practicing it : fishing, honey, fruits, greens & vegetables. They experience the knowledge of organic farming, village culture, Indian healthy cuisine, different people with group exercises, and lectures on food, health, and nutrition.

Traditional meals and recipes(one healthy snack, drink & regional meal)

Special focus on introducing kids to farms and real food. (for kids)

Contribute to the local farmers by buying their products directly from them

Also get fresh, natural produce. Fresh, natural food You get what you grow In addition, premium produce like fruits, vegetables, greens, rice, oils, etc., from the farm is also shared as per the availability. Farmers market( optional )For every session, local farmers will be invited to bring their fresh produce and you can buy it directly from them, contributing to their welfare.

Fun Time :
Fun rides: Tracker, bull cart, and Horse.
Pet time: cow, dog, Horse, ducks & rabbits.

Project Schedule:

One pre-decided Sunday every month for 2 hours (8 am– 12 pm)

A snack followed by farm activity, Gyan session(Food & farming ), Traditional meal, and food market You can sign up for a full year or any special Sunday


Booking has to be done at least 15 days prior

Price /book now 10000 with 2 visits for 3 members (negotiable for group packages). Valid for a month.

Amount once paid is non-refundable or non-transferable.